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You Need Information About All Aspects


Internet Marketing!

In the world of the traveller, or maybe a visitor to someplace new, there is always a concierge available to provide that necessary bit of information that’s vital, just then. Not later, but right now. But there wasn’t any such person for  Internet Marketer to get the essential piece of information or advice they  needed right now.


Announcing: The Internet Marketer’s Virtual Concierge.


Do any of these describe you to a T?

  • Are you looking for information that will help you fill a gap in your knowledge about Internet Marketing?
  • Need some pointers on the latest ways to organically grow traffic?
  • Need advice about ways to improve your bottom line?
  • Do you need a quick solution for ramping up your ROI on CPA or PPC?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve your business branding?
  • are you an online coach or teacher seeking for new things to teach your students?
  • Are you an entrepreneur wanting to set up your own Internet-based business?
  • Are you a business owner who needs to know the best ways to engage or hire an online vendor?
  • Or are you an executive who wants to discover the difference between good and bad online investments?

You will find the answers to all of these questions, and so much more, when you visit the Internet Marketer’s Virtual Concierge


So Who Is The Internet Marketer’s Virtual Concierge?

Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Tedd Harris

I live in Melbourne, Australia. Not that where one lives matters so much in these days of ready Internet access.

My story in a paragraph or two

Back When

 Once upon a time, I spent many years as a consultant to small business owners. It became like second nature to be providing advice and information on all kinds of things that affected the day to day operations of small businesses.  So when the time came for me to make some wholesale changes in my working life, I began to look for a new challenge.

I had spent quite a few years surfing what was then called the World Wide Web, but is now called the Internet. During my Internet surfing years, I picked up a real lot of interesting information, tips, tricks, and hacks. But it took me years to gather all that stuff. In the ever-changing world of the Internet, it took some doing, believe me.There just wasn’t any one place I could go to and ask for the information I was looking for

And Now

 After a whole lot of thinking, I decided that setting up this website to offer my visitors a place where you can come to find out what you may need to know from time to know would be a good thing for me to do.


What will You Find Here?

On my website pages I will be offering you a regular blog, a newsletter service. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions. After all, this is a (virtual)concierge service.

There is a Newsletter

Please take a moment to sign up for the weekly newsletter so you don’t miss out on all the information it contains. All who do sign up will become eligible for freebies and other special offers that will only be available to regular subscribers.

There is a subscription box handily located in the sidebar.


 Some Freebies and Some Things to Buy

At times, I will be providing very detailed reports on various matters of interest to Internet Marketers like you. Some will be free while I will be asking you to purchase some other , more in-depth,reports ebooks, and videos. rest assured everything that I will be offering for sale will be of the highest quality. Why? Because I am your Internet Marketer’s Virtual Concierge. Have you ever been given poor quality informaion or advice by any concierge that you have ever approached for information. Neve, since no concierge worth his or her salt would ever do that. These will be available to subscribers. Please take a moment to SUBSCRIBE HERE so you don’t miss out

Not Forgetting Product Reviews

There will also be various product reviews. Please know that I will never be  blindly promote any product unless I have actually tested it for myself. All product reviews will be fully detailed. You will get them warts and all. If the product or service includes top advice, information, tips and hacks, I will say that. But if it is missing some essential pieces, you will be told that too. Iam personally sick and tired of reading and viewing poorly crafted work. I am sure you are as well. 

An Important Note

I am in this business to earn myself an income, so from time to time, I will be promoting some product or service from which I may earn a commission. I do hope you don’t mind that. After all, as Internet Marketers yourselves, you are in the business to earn your own income. So whenever you see that a link is being provided to another website that may offer you some more information, products, or services you should assume that I will be earning some form of commission should you make any purchases from that other website. 

 Please Enjoy Your Visit

I do hope you find what you are looking for. If you don’t, please leave me a message and I will see if I can ;locate the product or service you need. After all, I am

The Internet Marketer’s Virtual Concierge